Ayacucho (2006)

In 2006 I spent one month in Peru, working as a volunteer for Madre and its sister organization in Peru, Chirapaq. I spent most of the time in the region of Ayacucho, and its capital, Huamanga (also known as Ayacucho). Ayacucho is a 30-minute radio documentary about the history of the Shining Path of Peru, the political situation of the country in 2006, the importance of memory, and about my journey to the Peruvian Andes. Ayacucho was conceived as an attempt to balance the usual coverage of Latin America and specifically the Peruvian 2006 presidential elections. International news coverage is often reduced and simplified for the sake of brevity. With Ayacucho I tried to put things in a historical context. The production of Ayacucho happened between the months of February 2006 and July 2006. The final product is a balance between a personal tale, and a political documentary.
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As a volunteer for the NGO Madre, Miguel has trained indigenous radio reporters in Peru and Nicaragua, and instructed video editing to teenagers in Colombia.