The Crisis of my Friends. Episode 2 

The Crisis of my Friends is an ongoing documentary series that is exploring the impact of the current economic crisis in Spain on the culture of work in this European country and particularly on the lives of a certain group of Spaniards, my friends.

The video featured on this page is the second episode of the series, dedicated to discussing the role of the public sector in Spain, and the impact that the crisis has had on opinions about the place of the public and private sectors in this country. To watch other episodes from the series, click here.

Most importantly, The Crisis of my Friends also involves meetings where interviewees and other attendants discuss the ideas and issues presented in these episodes. To date, four of these meetings have taken place. The opinions expressed and the conversations that take place at these meetings determine the content of the following episode in the series. This results in a project that is much more than a documentary. It is an ongoing conversation.

Produced by Miguel Macias. Miguel Macias is a radio and video producer and sound designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently Miguel is an associate professor, deputy chair for graduate studies and director of radio at the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.